Mary Paxanga is a young Spanish artist known for her work in trap music, rap, electronic, dembow, and reggaeton. She was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1993. She aims to establish herself as the queen of the Balearic urban sound and beyond. With self-confidence, talent, and a strong personality, she’s taking her unique style to the world.


Mary Paxanga has performed at notable events like the “ILM ESTIVAL Festival” and the “Tropicana Festival.” In 2020, she collaborated with producer DxBeats, releasing singles such as “Wicker,” “Me Pone Mal,” and “Sandunga.” Her plans were disrupted by the pandemic, but she adapted by exploring DJing and expanding her music career. She performed at the MALLORCA LIVE FESTIVAL in 2021 and continued releasing singles, including “Gato y Gata” and her latest album “Bájame Pal Malianteo” in 2022.



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