With an unmistakable artistic presence, energy, voice, and style, this singer-songwriter, nominated for two Latin Grammys, doesn’t go unnoticed. Her curly and tousled hair, demeanor, and smile captivate the audience as she sings them love and heartbreak stories turned into songs.


The albums “Tantas Cosas” (2009), “Cantando Contigo” (2013), “Te Quiero La Mitad” (2007), and “Entre Canciones” (2019) have allowed Inés to perform in countless concerts and share the stage with artists such as Franco de Vita, Ricardo Arjona, Alberto Plaza, Gianmarco, Santiago Cruz, and Juan Fernando Velasco. In 2021, she released “Que te quedes aquí,” a pop ballad she sings alongside Tavo Botero, a Factor X participant, and “Brindo Por Tu Amor,” a pop song with retro touches and even a hint of bachata. In 2022, she released the single “Y si llueve,” which she co-wrote and performs as a duet with the renowned Spanish singer-songwriter Rosana, a song that reminds us of Inés’s pop rock beginnings with a lot of musical power and deep lyrics. In 2023, she released “A Primera Vista,” a song dedicated to her daughter.


Spotify 5’253,333

YouTube 17.3M

Facebook 20.8k

Instagram 20.7k