Gabriela Flores


Gabriela Flores was born in NYC as a child of Argentinean immigrants. She absorbed both cultures while her family relocated from one country to another during her upbringing.

As a young girl, while living in Buenos Aires, she was a member of the children’s chorus at the prestigious “Teatro Colón Argentina” (Colón Theatre of Argentina); Gabriela was also working for various recording studios in Buenos Aires, where she’d record jingles for numerous Argentinean brand names.

A few years later, after moving back to the New York area, Gabriela began writing her material and performed alongside top recording artists such as Thalia, Carlos Ponce, and Selena at renowned music events like “La Convención de Radio y Música” and “Backstage at Grammy’s” both events held in Los Angeles, CA. As an ASCAP member, Gabriela regularly performed at the “ASCAP Latino Acústico” shows in NYC.


In 2007, she released her self-titled album “Gabriela Flores”, a bilingual pop-rock CD that contained 26 songs in both Spanish and English.

Currently, Gabriela Flores resides in Argentina and while participating in the popular TV show “Talento Argentino” (Talent Argentine) she made it to the finals with her rendition of Creedance´s “Proud Mary”.

With over 500 songs registered at the Library of Congress in Washington DC and several hundred with Argentina’s SADAIC, Gabriela has gained clients and collaborations all over the globe. This versatile and talented songcrafter writes music in various genres which include pop, rock, country, R&B, salsa, urban, bachata, cumbia, Christian, and children’s music.

Since 2018, Gabriela has been a “featured premium artist” on the coveted music platform “”, delivering hundreds of completed jobs to clients and collaborators worldwide.

In Abril 2024, alongside her music producer Jairo Lugone, Gabriela Flores recently completed her new “electronic pop” EP bearing songs in both Spanish and English.


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YouTub 499

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