Music for intellectual snobs, wandering spirits and hopeless romantics. Électriciennes is the playground of bassist/producer Charlie T of The Hours Strange. A space for collaboration and storytelling, Électriciennes’ songs are built upon sensual – at times melancholic -, moody grooves, in cinematic worlds within the confines of electronic pop. Musically, Charlie was nurtured on the ‘other’ 80s (@Bauhaus, @Killing Joke, @The Smiths, @The Psychedelic Furs, @Echo & the Bunnymen) and honed his natural dark, melancholic character on the moody bands of the 90s (@Portishead, @St Etienne, @Air, @Massive Attack). However, and unlike most of his musical inspirations, Charlie is adamant about lyrics being the cornerstone of any good song – and this school of thought brings him spiritually closer to the likes of @Tom Waits, @Nick Cave, @Leonard Cohen, @Tori Amos and – most recently – @Lana del Rey.

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